Do you ever feel like your church ser­vice is a bit of a ‘song sand­wich’? Song — announce­ments — song — offer­ing — song — [insert some­thing here] — song etc. Per­haps it’s more that you can pre­dict the exact order that every­thing is going to occur. It’s not because you are a mind reader but rather that it’s always the same order week in week out.

There’s never any sur­prise ele­ment. I quite like sur­prises and I think they have a part to play in church ser­vices. I mean the good sur­prise, not the everyone-​cringing or running-​for-​the-​door awk­ward surprise.

I think drama can add that ele­ment of sur­prise to a ser­vice. It can catch peo­ple off guard. It has the abil­ity to enable peo­ple to let their guard down. It is a fan­tas­tic way to make con­nec­tions between what we sing about, what the preacher is talk­ing about and how these things play out in our every­day lives.

But what do you do if you have no drama team or resources? Let me intro­duce you to a lit­tle thing called the inter­web thingy aka the inter­net. There are heaps of great web­sites aimed at drama for church. Just in case you’ve never heard of www​.skit​guys​.com let me tell you a lit­tle some­thin’ some­thin’ about them.

The Skit Guys are Tommy & Eddie, two Chris­t­ian comedians/​actors. Their insta­gram bio says “We’re teach­ing God’s word using com­edy, drama & what­ever cat­e­gory talk­ing action fig­ures fit into.” They are a trea­sure trove of cre­ative resources that can be used in church ser­vices, small groups, youth events and more. They have videos, scripts, ppt back­grounds, DVDs, books, t-​shirts, pod­cast and a blog.

The video sec­tion fea­tures Tommy, Eddie and their friends in ready to use clips. Some of them are what I would call ‘teaser clips’ in a series such as ‘awk­ward invites’ (short clips on how NOT to invite some­one to church). These are a great way to tran­si­tion to a mes­sage, or to chal­lenge an evan­ge­lism ele­phant in the room. There are also clips that are about 36 mins long and some longer clips as well.

In the script sec­tion you can access many of the scripts for the clips you can watch. This allows you to shape the drama for your par­tic­u­lar set­ting. Many of their scripts require very lit­tle props or backgrounds.

If you are look­ing for some­thing par­tic­u­lar their web­site is pretty user friendly. Their videos are listed by top­i­cal index and the scripts are divided by sea­sonal (Christ­mas, Easter, Moth­ers Day etc), Pop­u­lar or Cat­e­gories (mono­logue, kid friendly, duets, ensem­ble…). The site is search­able so if they’ve got it, you’ll be able to find it with­out too much hassle.

Why I love these guys and their work is they have a fan­tas­tic blend of humour and really chal­leng­ing points that help to engage peo­ple of all ages and pro­vide a really good plat­form for any mes­sage or theme you are want­ing to do. They have a great per­spec­tive on the Chris­t­ian faith and their mate­r­ial is well thought out and well pro­duced too.

For some peo­ple, find­ing a skit guys clip thats suits the topic is enough and play­ing it in church meets the need. But oth­ers who are want­ing to make use of peo­ple in their own set­ting find this is a great place to develop both skills and mate­r­ial and before you know it, you’ll be the sur­prise jalapeño in your church’s song sandwich.

Got any cre­ative ways to become a jalapeno in your song sand­wich? Com­ment below!