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Playlists is designed not only as a place for the shar­ing of great new music, but as a place for wor­ship lead­ers to check out great new wor­ship albums and their appli­ca­tion for church set­tings. Every month we’ll fea­ture a new wor­ship album, and high­light where its con­tent might be used in a church set­ting. Check back often, and if you have any playlists to share, head on over to our con­tact page and let us know!

Hill­song Young & Free

Youth Revival

“Well, we’re a true col­lec­tive — a diverse group of tal­ented peo­ple from var­i­ous back­grounds. So there’s a fusion of styles and sounds here and it’s dif­fi­cult to cat­e­go­rize, yet there’s def­i­nitely a mis­sion at work to make music that attracts a young audience.”
- Laura Toggs (Hill­song Youth Pas­tor) on the mis­sion and style of Y&F.

Hill­song Young & Free

“Youth Revival” con­tin­ues Hill­song Young & Free’s push into the pop/​dance/​EDM genre, and with it, it’s push into a closer reflec­tion of pop cul­ture. The great and bril­liant dif­fer­ence with “Youth Revival” is that it sub­verts all the worst parts of con­tem­po­rary pop by replac­ing the sex and nar­cis­sism with gospel truth. It’s great to see Hill­song Young & Free embrac­ing the music that will reach the mil­len­nial gen­er­a­tion.

There is a def­i­nite tar­get audi­ence here — the lan­guage is fairly sim­ple and the music loud. How­ever, with a bit of prepa­ra­tion, a lot of the big­ger wor­ship bal­lads could eas­ily be stripped back to an acoustic type set­ting and used as sim­ple wor­ship tunes. This is a synth heavy album, so the use of live back­ing tracks would be very help­ful to Corps or bands want­ing the full synth dri­ven sound.

Look­ing for great pre and post music?

Make an impres­sion at your next event with these playlists — designed to be used in dif­fer­ent sce­nar­ios they’ll help as back­ground music for prayer times, games, ice-​breakers, pre/​post show and even as ideas for your wor­ship team to try out.

Autumn Lobby by Kendall Connor

This playlist has a really inter­est­ing con­cept — designed with the pass­ing of the sea­sons in mind, it attempts to encap­su­late the autumn in it’s song choice.

This trans­lates to a great playlist, lean­ing towards the indie/​acoustic side with some great tracks from The Royal Royal and King’s Kalei­do­scope. This playlist is per­fect for set­ting a more chilled out vibe, and would make great back­ground music for cafe church settings.

Prayer Playlist

This playlist by Spo­tify user “ryliefort­ner” is a great col­lec­tion of down tempo wor­ship songs that work great as a sound­track for prayer times. It includes songs with lots of space, instru­men­tal breaks and restricted dynam­ics, per­fect for a dis­trac­tion free prayer envi­ron­ment.

This playlist would work great as back­ground for prayer rooms, or even for times of response, reflec­tion and com­mit­ment in Corps settings.

Spice up your events with some great tunes.

Pre and post ser­vice music is a great way to cre­ate and main­tain a sense of energy and excite­ment. There’s a whole heap of dif­fer­ent moods and gen­res that can dra­mat­i­cally add to your Corps wor­ship ser­vices — we’ve put together a few dif­fer­ent playlists that can be used in mul­ti­ple contexts.

Amplify Night Church 2016

Amplify 2016 was unique in it’s large num­ber of new campers. This gave the flex­i­bil­ity to choose a few new songs and to adjust some of the vision behind the songs we sing.

2016’s song selec­tion for Amplify really honed in on mid tempo, pow­er­ful wor­ship songs. Songs like “This Is Liv­ing” and “Sing and Shout” still con­tributed to the faster, ener­getic style, but campers really con­nected well with “Open Heaven (River Wild)” and “End of Days”.

There’s a lot here that Corps can use despite this being a playlist for a youth camp. “Strong God” and “Bro­ken Ves­sels” def­i­nitely have poten­tial for use in muti-​generational congregations!

Cen­tral Easter Camp 2016

This is a great playlist for high energy, acces­si­ble wor­ship. Cen­tral Easter Camp was designed for peo­ple who were only just start­ing on their faith jour­ney, so the song choice reflects that level of Chris­t­ian under­stand­ing.

There’s tons of great, high energy music here, includ­ing “This Is Liv­ing” (Hill­song Young & Free), “Praise Goes On” (Ele­va­tion Wor­ship) and “Your Love Awak­ens Me” (Phil Wick­ham).

This playlist is really suit­able for high energy, youth ser­vices with a focus on peo­ple who don’t reg­u­larly attend church, or who are explor­ing church for the first time.