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Mac OS (The Com­puter and it’s settings)

How do I change my dis­play settings?
Within the Sys­tems Pref­er­ence Panel. Locate the ‘Dis­plays’ Icon.

Within here you can change the dis­play settings.
Can I add a printer?
How do I change the Media Pro Account password?

Pro­P­re­sen­ter 6 (The Pre­sen­ta­tion Software)

Where can I learn more about ProPresenter?

The best way to learn is by using Renewed Vision’s video tuto­ri­als avail­able here.

Renewed Vision also have a com­pre­hen­sive list of FAQ’s about Pro­P­re­sen­ter avail­able here.

Is there a user man­ual for ProPresenter?
How do I import a Pow­er­point into ProPresenter?
How do I install a Bible version?
Pro Pre­sen­ter keeps ask­ing to update.


Where can I find the new Songbook?
Click here to down­load the new song book lyrics from SA Con­nects.

How can I play YouTube videos?