I have never before fol­lowed Amer­i­can pol­i­tics with much inter­est or con­cern. I have also never before wor­ried that the catch­phrase from “The Appren­tice” would be used on a nuclear mis­sile at some point by the show’s potential-​future-​president.

Dic​tio​nary​.com seems to share my con­cern. Whether it’s trend­ing inter­net searches or the editor’s polit­i­cal agenda that gen­er­ate the word choice — “dem­a­gogue”, “xeno­phobe” and “rab­bler­ouser” have each found their way to my inbox with links to arti­cles about Don­ald Trump’s divi­sive pres­i­den­tial campaign.

As a Chris­t­ian, I have been recently reflect­ing on these events. For if my love of Christ is out­worked in the way I love oth­ers, what does my (at best) pas­sive bemuse­ment con­cern­ing the race for the future ‘leader of the free world’ mean? What if I agree with/​endorse state­ments about Don­ald Trump’s abil­ity, fragility and men­ace? Do I con­tribute to the incen­di­ary com­ments about his lack of worth as a per­son as well as a president?

Should we just set fire to Don­ald Trump?

From Dia­tribe to Dialogue.

Often we can feel moved to action, moved to change or moved to object against issues of cul­tural and inter­na­tional sig­nif­i­cance. But have we checked that this is the move­ment of the Holy Spirit? We are called to be a mes­sage of life amidst a cul­ture hell-​bent on fear-​mongering – so we our­selves must not be gov­erned by fear or anger or hate. Check your moti­va­tion as your write or inter­act with oth­ers. How can we hon­our them through con­ver­sa­tion and the way we respond to their con­cerns? We are called to speak love, in truth. The other way round gets too messy, and love always ends up last.

From Broad­caster to Communicator.

It’s easy to ‘chuck’ some­thing up on Face­book and let the ‘fates’ decide. But this is irre­spon­si­ble when we are charged with cham­pi­oning the eter­nal gospel and shar­ing in the life and death of Christ. Jesus brings clar­ity, truth and com­pas­sion wher­ever He is at work – so if you feel strongly about a sub­ject, spend time research­ing, speak­ing to wise con­fi­dants, lis­ten­ing to God and con­sid­er­ing the hearts of the peo­ple you are want­ing to inter­act with so your com­mu­ni­ca­tion strikes true.

For God so loved Don­ald Trump…

Yeah, she’s a hard one to han­dle. It is hard not to fear the man who has trans­formed his tv-​reality-​star self into a very present real­ity as the star-​spangled banner’s future leader. And yet Jesus sees him, and loves Him. The Holy Spirit longs to bring him dis­cern­ment and wis­dom, and to use him as an instru­ment of humil­ity and jus­tice what­ever office he resides in. The Father desires to share com­mu­nity with His son. And so my response should never be to deride, belit­tle or beat down a child of God — but instead to intercede.

Take away:

Cre­ators of dia­logue. Use your cre­ativ­ity to engage oth­ers in areas of pas­sion and com­pas­sion. Ask the Lord to lead your way in chang­ing futures, gov­ern­ments and hard hearts. Get your heart right, your facts straight and your head in the game.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tors of hope. Use your words to plant life in areas of desert and death and hope­less­ness. Be a cham­pion of jus­tice, illu­mi­na­tion and inclu­sion in the way you inter­act with other humans.

Let us be Christ; Seek­ing every day to know Him more so there can be more of Him. Let us inter­cede for the pow­ers that be and the pow­ers that will be. Let us always be tem­pered with love. James 3:6 says “the tongue is a fire”. Let us keep it holy Lord, for you — in speech, writ­ing and action.

Don’t let me set fire to Don­ald Trump.

Bless you and the way you write,

and act,

and think,

and pray today.

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