Spir­it­song is The New Zealand Sal­va­tion Army’s National Choir.


About Us:

Formed in 1995 as the New Zealand National Song­sters, this choral group was rebranded in 2005 as Spir­it­song. The group is a vibrant vocal min­istry designed to min­is­ter to both believ­ers and non-​believers.

It is an evan­gel­i­cal group of men and women, whose main pur­pose is to com­mu­ni­cate the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and tes­ti­mony.

Spir­it­song mem­bers come from all walks of life — teach­ers, youth work­ers, retail man­agers, IT pro­fes­sion­als, stu­dents, retirees — all moti­vated by a love for God and peo­ple, and united by their desire to use their musi­cal tal­ents to point peo­ple to Jesus Christ.

Spir­it­song Leaders:

Maree DowneyMusi­cal Director
Maree is the Musi­cal Direc­tor for Spir­it­song. Chan­nel­ing a pas­sion for singing and per­for­mance, Maree sets the musi­cal direc­tion and focus for the group, as well as pro­vid­ing train­ing and sup­port to the group.
Lynette Hut­sonExec­u­tive Officer
Lynette is the Exec­u­tive Offi­cer in charge of Spir­it­song, and is respon­si­ble for the pas­toral care and sup­port of its mem­bers. This also includes set­ting the spir­i­tual direc­tion of the group as well as act­ing as a liai­son between the group and THQ.

Spir­it­song Membership:

Mem­bers must be com­mit­ted to their local Sal­va­tion Army corps (church) and be involved in its music min­istry. They come from through­out New Zealand and all desire to serve and wor­ship God through singing.

Spir­it­song meets for an extended rehearsal week­end once a year and accepts invi­ta­tions for a max­i­mum of four other week­end vis­its per year.

Spir­it­song is gov­erned inter­nally by an exec­u­tive coun­cil, made up of exec­u­tive lead­ers as well as long serv­ing mem­bers of the choir. Over­all gen­eral lead­er­ship falls to the Exec­u­tive Offi­cer with sup­port from the Musi­cal Direc­tor, while Spiritsong’s admin­is­tra­tion needs are taken care of by the Cre­ative Min­istries Department.

Inter­ested in Joining?

Hear our Testimony.

Hear our tes­ti­mony in our lat­est record.

These songs are our real, raw and per­sonal life sto­ries expressed through the voice of the soul.

We share these for one rea­son; because we are utterly con­vinced that the God who has trans­formed our lives in such amaz­ing and pro­found ways is able to do the same for you.

This is our Liv­ing Tes­ti­mony. Our story of Significance!


Released in 2011. All tracks copy­right © 2011 The Sal­va­tion Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.
Psalm 24
The Love of God
My Life Must Be Christ’s Bro­ken Bread
This Is How It Feels To Be Free
Psalm 23
Car­ried To The Table
Taller, Stronger, Better
My Life Is In Your Hands
Thou O Lord
Hal­lelu­jah Anyhow
Total Praise (Includ­ing “Holy”)
You’ve Been So Faithful